T-Plan REST API Documentation

This documentation provides details on using the REST API in T-Plan Professional 8.1.

What it is...

The T-Plan REST Service replaces the T-Plan SOA of previous releases. It's there to provide access to T-Plan Professional Test assets from autonomous remote clients. The service provides a secure and easy to use entry-point to resources in your T-Plan Professional database.

Getting Started

Any client application capable of utilising open standards REST principles can access resources through the T-Plan REST API. For easy testing of an installation of the service, we suggest using the Google Chrome Postman application. Examples are provided in the help text on getting up and running using Postman.


The base URI for an instance of the T-Plan REST API will be instance specific, but all URIs will follow the general pattern:


so for example, to fetch the root of the Manage hierarchy, send a GET request like this:


API Responses

Every resource request returns a JSON response object - which will either signify success or failure. A successful response will contain the requested data - a failure respose will contain some information about why the request failed.

Success response:

{ "status": "success", "data": { ../.. }}

Failure response:

{ "status": "fail", "data": { "reason": "Invalid Credentials" }}

API Reference

The Reference documentation for the API can be found here.